Doctor Herbivore

Doctor Herbivore

Plant-Based Pediatrician

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Why we love Doctor Herbivore: We are so grateful to have Dr. Leigh Ettinger as part of the Vegan Members Club. For all of our plant-based Mom's, Dad's and Guardians out there he is an invaluable resource. Be sure to check out his courses and resources for your kids. ย 

Doctor Herbivore

It's challenging to feed growing children healthy foods. I help families go from discouraged to confident.

After many years of treating serious childhood diseases, I turned my focus on wellness and prevention. In 2021 I founded the Doctor Herbivore telemedicine practice to teach families how to thrive while eating plant-based, especially when there are weight concerns. ย I enjoy helping families successfully change course to a plant-strong path for their health, for the animals, for social justice, and for the environment.

It gives me great pleasure to now offer the eCourses that are part of my telehealth program to the general public.

Online eCourses

How to Nourish Your Plant-based Child

Become fearless about feeding your child(ren) the plant-based diet.
Feel empowered that you are meeting your growing child's nutritional needs as you pack a lunch or prepare a dinner.

Make the Plant-Based Switch: A Guide for All Ages

Congratulations on your decision to go plant-based. ย Let's plan a smooth and sustainable transition. ย In this eCourse is time-tested advice on how to plan, start, and, most importantly, maintain the plant-based lifestyle.

Plant-based Solutions for Childhood Obesity

Stop feeling helpless about your child's weight. ย Plant-strong eating can be your family's weapon against childhood obesity.

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