Making healthy living enjoyable—one vegan banana bread at a time.

Vegan Banana Bread: Quality You Can Taste

Healthy comfort food that is vegan, gluten-free, and top allergen-free, the GoNanas. Vegan Banana Bread satisfies your craving for baked deliciousness. Developed from an old family recipe that awakens the tastebuds without wrecking your health-conscious lifestyle, our Vegan Banana Bread offers a tasty option to traditional baked goods.

We’re making healthy living enjoyable—one vegan banana bread at a time.

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Why we love GoNanas
GoNanas offers healthy comfort food that is vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free. Their Vegan Banana Bread is sure to satisfy your craving for baked deliciousness.

About GoNanas

GoNanas is #notyournanas banana bread. We are a women-owned, vegan, gluten free, and allergen-friendly banana bread company at the forefront of the #1 comfort food trend. The best part about our banana breads? You can’t even tell they’re better-for-you because they taste THAT good.

Our story
Annie & Morgan started GoNanas as neighbors and best friends at the University of Michigan. Just 2 girls passionate about health and food, they saw a lack of healthy and tasty food options on campus, especially in the baked good arena. Both had old-time family recipes of and a love for banana bread, so they set off recipe testing for 3 years to perfect their 'healthified' banana bread recipe. Just as it was 3 years ago, their goal is to provide a delicious treat, made from real and simple ingredients, that everyone can enjoy.

Our mission
To support our community and make healthy living more enjoyable, one banana bread at a time.

As a women-owned startup, we work to empower other women-owned and small businesses. We prioritize relationship building, partnership development, and growing community in everything we do.

As part of our women empowerment mission too, we stand against diet culture and reject the diet mindset of "eat this not that.” Instead, we embrace eating according to what our bodies want and need. That’s why we made something that is good for your body AND soul, so you can live a healthy, balanced lifestyle with joy and ease.

Our ingredients
By swapping the traditional and refined ingredients for simple and wholesome ingredients you can recognize and pronounce, GoNanas has modernized banana bread. With our recipe, you still get that satisfying indulgent taste of banana bread goodness, while properly fueling your body (MIC DROP). That’s some next level stuff.

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