Chef-Driven, Plant-Based foods made from cashews not chemicals.

Chef-Driven, Plant-Based foods made from cashews not chemicals.

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Why we love Howl
This is hands down the most delicious vegan mac and cheese we have ever tried. It is so easy and quick to make and is made with only clean whole-food ingredients.
This is a must in everyone's pantry!


Howl combines plant forward cooking and premium ingredients to give you better tasting food, without the sacrifice – yours or the Planet’s.

The Origin of Howl

With creative inspiration from cutting edge kitchens our chefs reimagine your favorite foods using plant-based ingredients to unleash incredible flavors and textures while striving for a more sustainable future. One we can Howl about.

Cashew Cheese Recipe

Our cashew cheese is a rich, creamy sauce, which our chefs make using only plant-based ingredients.

  • Raw Cashews provide the perfect creamy, nutritious base for the sauce…
  • Nutritional Yeast gives that umami bite you expect from cheese…
  • A hint of Garlic makes it more savory and rounded….
  • Some Lemon Juice brightens the sauce.
  • If you can handle some heat you'll like the Spicy Chipotle.

Quick and Easy in Minutes

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