Lé Buns

Lé Buns

Eco Conscious Wardrobe Essentials.

Eco Conscious Wardrobe Essentials.

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Why we love Lé Buns
Lé Buns is a female founded company working super hard to make smarter choices for the environment. At the core of everything they do is a strong respect for the people they work with and the environment they work within. Driving positive environmental impact is at the heart of the label, every piece is made using only natural, organic and regenerated luxurious fibers.

Each garment is thoughtfully designed in timeless, flattering silhouettes, to enhance the beauty of your natural form and move with you, from land to sea.

About Lé Buns

Lé buns collections comprise of versatile and timeless classics to adapt into any wardrobe collection. The styles transcend trends offering seasons of wear, and true longevity.

By focusing collections around minimal yet versatile essentials, lé buns put consideration into every part of production, all the way to your top drawer. The entire cycle from sourcing, production, packaging through to the fabric touching your skin should cause as little impact as possible.

Our mission is to create underwear and swimwear that is flattering, functional and comfortable. Garments that have longevity so you won't feel the need to discard your garment every few months.

Green manufacturing
Lé buns is committed to achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions whilst minimising environmental impact within our supply chain. Time is taken to find suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency.

Minimal waste
We have eliminated the use of any unnecessary packaging such as additional wrapping paper, postcard marketing collateral and stickers. Online orders are packed in a biodegradable box made of recycled paper or home compost grade mailer bags. We include a free signature wash bag with every purchase which helps take extra care of your lingerie when machine washing.

Core principals
Our ethical code of conduct exists to set high standards on how we treat our workers, the environment and animals.

For each key area (labour, environment and animals) the standards are intended to meet societal and industry expectations, as well as the ethical trade initiative (eti) base code.

We’re constantly taking steps to improve our environmental and ethical processes, so lé buns can be as sustainable as possible. From our fabrics and factories to our packaging and the charities we support, it’s an enormous operation – but we’re proud to share our journey with you.

Animal welfare
Lé buns exclusively manufactures using plant based & regenerated animal free fabrics. Strictly no animals are being hurt or compromised in the process of the making of our products.

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