Mavrans is finding the intersection of fashion with sustainability. Save 15% off with a Vegan Members Club Membership.

Sustainably made for good times.

Members save 15% OFF orders from Mavrans.

Why we love Mavrans: We love that Mavrans is finding the intersection of fashion with sustainability. Mavrans are showing us that there needs to be no sacrifice in order to achieve top fashion.

About Mavrans

At Mavrans, we merge the realms between fashion and sustainability. Our clothing is made with 'recocoblend' fabrics. A Mavrans coined invention, composting a mixture of coconut husks and recycled plastics; ย transforming post-consumer materials into an eco-friendly, comfortable and UPF 50.

Our mission is to continue to provide our customers with comfortable fun pieces, all while keeping our environment in mind.

Life is one giant party - a massive celebration - so whether you're going to a fun night out, a festival, vacationing in the tropics or just wanting to the spotlight on your personal stage, you can think of us as your everyday elevated essential.

We're a lifestlye brand, proud of it's carefree identity and maverick mindedness, who looks to embrace the unique style and expression of each individual wearing one of our garments on.


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