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What is the VMC?

The Vegan Members Club is a group of plant-based and earth lovers that have come together to build a community to build a better world. We help our members save money while also fostering support for brands doing great things in this world. We are based in the US and partner with brands worldwide.

How do I redeem my benefits?

Each benefit that we offer our Members has a dedicated landing page on the VMC Members site, with simple instructions of how to take advantage of that particular offer. Once logged into your Members portal, the redemption links and codes will be available to redeem on each brand page.

Are the benefits available internationally?

A VMC membership is available globally and we partner with brands from all over the world. We do our best to select partners, brands and benefits that all Members can enjoy no matter where they live.

When can I begin using my membership?

Becoming a member is a breeze. Once your registration is complete and your Members account is created, you will receive instant access to your Members portal where all benefits can be redeemed immediately.

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