Noah's Italian Vegan Shoes

Noah's Italian Vegan Shoes

Cruelty-free and Peta certified Italian vegan shoes.

Cruelty-free and Peta certified Italian vegan shoes.

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Why we love Noah's Italian Vegan Shoes
We love their effort to turn fine Italian shoes into a vegan and cruelty free reality. You can enjoy high quality vegan shoes made in Italy without harming animals.
This animal cruelty-free choice goes hand in hand with building an ecologically sustainable artisanal supply chain based on respect for the environment, health, and the locales and working conditions of the master shoemakers. Their raw materials are vegan, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and durable.

In addition, the materials of their Organic Line are biodegradable and stem from organic agriculture. Thus, the production of NOAH shoes and accessories as a whole contributes to reducing factory farming and animal suffering, as well as their impact on the climate and groundwater pollution.

About Noah's Italian Vegan Shoes

Eco-friendly chic - NOAH`s Italian vegan lifestyle.

The footwear industry has come a long way since when the environmental protection and the vegan lifestyle were directly associated with the whole grains section of health food stores and to shapeless clothes and shoes.

The energy of the “Dolce Vita“, the Italian taste and the commitment to a responsible, eco-friendly development represent the “Italian Vegan Style” of NOAH.

Our collections of vegan footwear and the manufacturing process demonstrate that  reconciling moral requests with a top quality aesthetic design is possible!

On the contrary, behind the triad “aesthetics, ethics and quality” there is a deep understanding of the socio-ecological design, which is based on the principle of “less is more”. Bearing this vision in mind, we produce quality footwear for all those who appreciate understated elegance and are committed to an environment worth living.

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