Where thoughtful design, sustainability & solar come together.

Where thoughtful design, sustainability & solar come together.

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Why we love Solios watches
We love that these watches are powered by solar and you don't have to worry about changing batteries.
The are very elegant and great for everyday use. The materials used are sustainable and Solios goes the extra mile to minimize their manufacturing environmental footprint.
Take the time to read their website and learn about the amazing steps they take to make these watches the best in class when it comes to innovation, elegance and sustainability

About Solios

From the moment Solios was created, we vowed to never compromise between innovation, elegance and sustainability. Our goal was simple: to prove that it is possible to create a sustainable accessory with an impeccable design. This aim hasnโ€™t changed since the beginning.

Solar technology

Saying goodbye to battery replacement
Solios was created around a key technology: solar movement. This innovative and clean source of power could on its own avoid the unnecessary maintenance of a watch, all whilst preventing premature battery - or timepiece - replacement. And did you know? If all battery-powered watches were instead using solar technology, we could prevent the production of more than 1 billion watch batteries every year.

Slow fashion

Designing with purpose
When it comes to sustainability, we have one golden rule: to minimize manufacturing environmental footprint, to maximize long-term usage and to create a circular economy where waste can become a new treasure. Whilst we are still far from perfection, this motto is - and will forever be - behind each of our processes and quests for improvements.

Materials Without Compromise

Recycled Stainless Steel
Our high quality recycled stainless steel, is aligned with our desire to always seek improvements.

Eco Leather
At first the straps were filled with 100% recycled plastic, but they werenโ€™t comfortable enough, and we still had to use this material we wanted to avoid so badly. We tried different materials with this partner, until they suggested cork, a truly amazing alternative. Solios finally had its cruelty-free leather strap completely free of PU and PVC.

Handmade Eco Packaging
Our packaging is now proudly handmade in Montreal with 100% recycled and recyclable paper sourced from a local supplier in Quebec, powered by 100% renewable energy. Our packaging is FSC certified and has won an award for its innovative and thoughtful design.

Certified B Corporation

Proud to say we are the first.
We created Solios with the burning desire to make the world a better place: getting a B Corp certification was therefore a no brainer. We are now proud to say that we are the first watch company to get the certification.

"We believe big changes start with small actions that donโ€™t compromise oneโ€™s lifestyle and habits."
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