Sustainable electric toothbrush delivering an effective clean with innovative plant-based materials.

SURI is the new, sustainable electric toothbrush. Delivering an effective clean with innovative plant-based materials.

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Why we love SURI
Humans dispose of over 4 billion toothbrushes a year; enough to circle the earth 12 times.

Which is why SURI takes toothbrush design back to first principles. They make each component reusable, repairable, or truly recyclable.

About SURI

At SURI (short for Sustainable Rituals) we're on a mission to create personal care products that help people live more sustainably; without compromising on quality, performance, or design.

We won't brush the problem aside.

Every year over 4 billion toothbrushes end up in landfill or in our oceans. That's enough to circle the globe twelve times.

And electric toothbrushes are nothing to smile about either. Decades of needless innovation, outrageously wasteful packaging, and millions more plastic components and batteries that will never be recycled.

We've taken the electric toothbrush back to first principles. Creating a design that delivers an exceptional clean for your teeth with a minimal impact on our planet.

A world-class clean, made sustainable and joyful.

That's our mission.

Slim, sonic, and sustainable never cleaned so good.

Superior Clean
Powerful 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute designed with dentists to give your teeth a deep clean.

Innovative Design
Slim and durable aluminum body, one third the size of standard electric brushes, with accessories you can travel with.

Sustainable Smiles
Revolutionary plant based heads that are recycled by us for free, as they should be.

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