A wholly better oat milk.

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Why we love Willa's: Willa's oat milk is truly one of the cleanest and healthiest on the market. We love the fact that they use the whole oat and that they have no-oil options. They also don't use any gums or chemicals in their products. This is an oat milk we are happy to serve to our children.

Whole oat milk that is good for you and the planet.

Willa's has a very simple mission: to create oat milk that tastes as good as it is good for you and Mother Earth.

When you take a look at other oat milks you can see their artificial ingredients, wasteful processes and dishonest marketing. Willa's found another way. A more whole & wholesome way.

A 'Whole Oat' Difference

Using the whole oat makes Willa's deliciously smooth, lower in sugar, higher in protein and fiber, and zero food waste.

Certified Organic

No canola or rapeseed oil. No overly sweet taste .... Just whole oats and all organic ingredients. That's it.


Willa's is net positive! Food waste is a leading cause of climate change, and in Willa's nothing good is wasted.

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